Yes Know, No Know

Hour Glass Edited.
Don’t let time stop you.

If you are to see, you are able to be.

If you are able to be, you are able to understand me,

If you are able to understand me, you must be me.

If I am able to understand you, without a clue,

We must be under the impression that one can also be two.

If this were so, then what’s number am I thinking of?

I do not know, for I am not you.

Is it my job to know? No.

Is it my job to find out what you know? No.

Is it my job to ask you what you know? Also no.

It is my passion though, to know that you know what you know, and to understand that you know it.

You know it from then, you know it now, & you’ll know it later.

But does what you know make yourself feel any better?

I don’t think so, but let me say no for now, you know?

Rather this, what don’t you know?

How do you know what you don’t know? You can’t.

Once you know, you can only forever know, but know this.

Your knows don’t own you. You own them, and they listen to you. They understand why you know them.

They float, they fly. They sink, they swim. They cry, they laugh. They frown, they smile.

All for you to pay attention to them, to shine light on them.

What a display of demonstration to devotion, for them to put on a show for you to get to know them.

That is a choice however, for you to get to know one.

Sometimes it’s better to not know, and to go on finding new things to know.

Not everything you know, needs to be known again.