What If Your Favorite Artist Never Made Music

Serious question. What if your favorite artist never made music? What if your favorite poet never wrote? What if your favorite youtuber never made videos.

These are the questions that drive me, intrigue me, inspire me to share a message.

Many a times we can go in the car, turn on our favorite jams and tune out all the mental clutter we’ve gathered up throughout the days. And it is in this moment we find peace. We find love. We find a sense of freedom. So what if your favorite artist never made anything creative, and instead, they listed all the reasons why they couldn’t produce, why they couldn’t accomplish, why they couldn’t create.

The world would be dull. And not in a dull like boring way (okay fine, yes, that too), but your life wouldn’t be shaped the way it is. Your colorful life that you love and live has been influenced by too many people, many of which whom we do not know. These people stepped up to the plate to act. They stepped up to fight any creative resistance they could have been experiencing at the time. Postponmenship, hectic life, thinking their not capable enough, not practicing, being drawn to another safer avenue, not giving themselves a chance, figuring there are already enough artists, or worst of all, fearing that people would not like their stuff.

If these known artists in your life did not roll of their sleeves to create any content or let time pass by and let dust gather. Or if these artists let any excuse in their mind overrule their desires and urge to create, you wouldn’t be you. Heck, you might not even be here! I know that I wouldn’t be here without the creation of art from others. Art has saved me when I have found lows in my life, and art has given me life and purpose at my highs. Think back to a time where turning on a song has changed your view of the world, or kept you from doing something that you didn’t want to do. Think back to a time when you found something so relatable in somebody else's story that you felt understood for the first time in the world. Think back to a time where a song touched your soul in a way that you could not explain it.

This is why we create. This is why we do what we do. And this is why I hope to see you on the creation side of things, because you may never know who can feel something beautiful for the first time.

Life enhancement through the arts. Everyday is its own journey.