Today’s Realization: to help

It’s been several months now since I have been out of work. An unfamiliar feeling of mine since I initially joined the work force when I was 16 (I am 26 now). Surely I had my fair share of vacations and time off, but never have I ever had 7 months to myself. 7 months without reporting to anyone. 7 months without having to wake up and drive to somewhere to exchange my time for payment. 7 months without forcing myself to be on time, show up, and play puppet.

Now I’m not saying I hated my previous job, I actually was very content with it for the most part, as every day was different. Working in car sales had taught me many things about people. Both myself and others to be specific. However, although I can count the amount of “bad days” on my two hands for the 2 and a half years that I slung sleds, I can tell you that my essence was not being satisfied.

Back to the 7 months. 7 months is along time off, no question about that. If I knew I would be out of work for 7 months, I would have done things differently, but that is the thing isn’t it. If only we knew how much time we had, we would have spent it differently. I know I would have been more patient. I know I would have been less hard on myself. I know I would have enjoyed my time more. Perhaps that’s a lesson in of it’s own. We don’t have a timeclock until our next phase so we can hopefully learn to be cool and content with the moment as is.

Anyways, this 7 months was straight reflect time. Spiritual awakening kicking off, self exploration, understandings being reworked, passion finding, trauma healing, letting go of certain aspects of my life, whole world being spun around and flipped inside out, what a roller coaster I can say at the bare minimum. I’ve learned so much about myself and the outside world and the universe in such a small amount of time, it’s been overwhelming. What’s extraordinary about spiritual awakenings, per say, is the process. I don’t want to dive too much into them at the moment, but they can as ruthless as they are beautiful.

Much of what I have learned about myself, per the ego and my ambitious attitude, is to accomplish and implement what I have learned immediately. Perhaps part of my journey and my path is to learn now, execute later. To be patient with life, if you would. Finding out great things about my nature and character and who I am, why wouldn’t I want to try and start creating with my knowledge. Some of the paths that I want to create are smaller, simpler to achieve, are in fields I know and undertsand, and some others, aren’t. They are bigger and far more complex, it’ll involve me getting out of my comfort zone and learning new abilities, and seems like they’ll take a while to blossom. Be it for me, for me and others, or others, I have seen a wide variety of possibilities and adventures for my soul and body and heart and mind to dabble with. With this aside, I want to leave you with my realization for the day.

While stressing out over the past few months on “the perfect path”, I have failed to move anywhere. At least, I haven’t started a new career/lifestyle that I am hoping to begin soon. Maybe it’s not my time yet. But there is one piece of information that came to me today, and I would like to share it with you, spiritual awakening or not.

My realization was this: Be concerned with other people more than yourself.

Putting my “perfect path” aside to start assisting others in anyways that I can sounds like the winning idea to me. I have been wanting to start some charity work, so maybe I’ll start there. Or perhaps I can find an opportunity to bring my optimism and lively manner to those around me. There is an infinite amount of ways to aide people, from small scale to big.

Regardless, for every person you can think of, more or less, there is something that they can use that will make there day better or brighter. In addition, there are some less fortunate people with disabilities, homeless, injured, or other various discernments that qualify them as more in need of some help than others. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, there will always be a face that need’s your smile, a person who needs a helping hand.

Hopefully this simple understanding that hit me strongly today will do it’s purpose, seeing how I have been looking for some answers. Looking forward to checking back in with this, in due time. Take care now.




Life enhancement through the arts. Everyday is its own journey.

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Alexander Ruff

Alexander Ruff

Life enhancement through the arts. Everyday is its own journey.

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