The Tale of the Ripple Effect

Some say it’s still being written to this day…

See? You’re one of them! (Photo Credit: Pinterest).

In places it cannot hide,

In corners it cannot see,

No matter how close or how far,

The Ripple finds its way.

Home or in an ocean,

In a forest or on vacation.

No matter the body, no matter the environment,

There is an avenue, for the ripple to travel on through.

To share, to smile, to create.

To help, to protect, to relate;

The effects can be summed up simply and briefly,

As impacts gone great.

The unfolding of the tale, could start off as slow as a snail.

But the reveal of the rabbit will not go unknown.

You never know who you may touch, in this lifetime or next,

With all the actions you do, all the words you speak;

May I say this…

Let’s have some constructive context!


Be the light that we seek.