People are incredible. And it just baffles me that people don’t see it. Within themselves, or within others.

We all have pure, natural talent that is dressed in a different number of variants. Sometimes they are more obvious to one individual than the other. Sometimes it has been known since a young age, sometimes it comes about accidentally. Sometimes there could be no knowing or tell of a talent to someone that is deep within. But it’s because it was perhaps overlooked, or not our time to discover it. But whether you see it or not, someone else does or does not, it’s there.

Everyone should allow themselves some time to do some self exploration. On all levels. I would say try and take several months if you can, could even be a couple months. Be it one month to one year (I was one year), take off work. Take off from your normal life. Take off from typical life that has kept you going in a circle for years. Your normal routines, ways of thinking, view points, hobbies… try new. Experiment. Take time for yourself to really just explore! Internally, externally, it all intertwines and interconnects you with your inner self. You shine new light on foreign areas of your self, your soul, your being. You shake yourself up and wake yourself up to a new version of you. You become your own life explorer.

You know all those things that have been calling to you in the back of your mind? Those are parts of your inner being calling you by name to be bright attention to. And yeah, this would be the time to try those things out. Any art. Any destination. Any skill. Any craft. Any trade. Any action or sensation or experience yet to be had by you, is being whispered to you from your essence, your soul, and once again, your inner being. These are the things you, and we as a collective, need to explore.

There is a shadow self, as originally announced by Carl Jung, that is the part of our self that we do not pay any attention to, or shed light or awareness on. And sometimes, we hear and see what is trying to emerge and surface, yet we push it down further, demanding it to stay hidden or in the dark. For our own set of security reasons or beliefs as an individual. It could be our talents suppressed from an early age, it could be our true self trying to come out, it could be a raw side of our self that we don’t like to address in public or in front of others. But we stay in our safe cage of knowing and repetition and familiarity. It could be the ugly, or even beautiful parts of our self that we aren’t used to addressing and feeling and sharing. However the case, I believe this is where our repressed and/or unknown talent lies.

Give yourself a chance. Give yourself an opprotunity to show up for yourself. You could hate everything you new you try. You can then say you experimented, and are more sure now that you like that you have started with. You can also mark within you that you tried new territory and explored if that is something that you are not used to doing. Or, you could love one thing or a few things that you experienced during this self endeavor-meant and allow yourself tl incorporate it into your daily life. Or, you could try one thing, and another, and another, and be totally taken away about all these crafts that give you life, not knowing that this is who you are as a person and this is what is in your core, totally reshaping your very life as you know it. That is what happened to me, and this is my story. And this is why I share this message with you today. If you have made it this far into this post, it is not by chance. There is a part of you deep down that is urging you to follow your heart, perhaps try a new path, and wants you to explore to find what wants to play within you.

Follow that which calls to you. And I wish you the best.


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