Never Underestimate Art

Alexander Ruff
3 min readDec 22, 2021


Art can be your best friend, if you allow it to be.

There is an endless art supply, for now and always:

My personal take on art is that it is limitless and knows no boundaries. There will never be an end to art. There is an infinite amount of possibilities for art creation for a single artist, one person. Now take that and multiply it by 7.8 billion people. If we are given the chance to live until the end of time, there will never be an end for what will be made and seen in the art world. So essentially, art is more robust than time itself. My opinions and thoughts, not literal faxx.

This gives me so much joy and pleasure because our eyes have the opportunity to see new content after new content after new content, and our souls will be enriched from encountering new creation after new creation. Shoot, maybe we could even feel a new emotion which could come from somebodies painting one of these days! And we will feel something that we have never felt before has humanity. How interesting is that?

We benefit from art in such beautiful ways, from the inside:

Art pieces are surely different from one to another, they vary. From one result or experience to the next, it goes without saying that they are no duplicates, none are the truly the same. However, much of its intention, its by-product, its purpose, all stem from a similar home or reason. At it’s core, art is expressive, healing, and freeing. Because art is expressive, healing, and freeing, the artist benefits. They reap a reward from the creation process, or the experience as a whole, and it is satisfying to the inner being. The freedom to fulfill a creative desire or urge, to have succession in a task that may have been in the works for days, weeks, or months, this is enchanting. To have become more than they were before, this is growing. Apart from the benefits mentioned, just as there are suggestively and infinite amount of art creations as a possibility, there are also a suggestively endless amount of benefits that an artist (or even the consumer) are open and eligible to receive.

Art has been huge to me for understanding who I am and the world around, and how capable we are as people. Starting off with acrylic/canvas art, then moving to poetry, songwriting, and music, I began to shine a light on myself. With this, I am able to examine my beliefs, my truths and opinions, my observations, what I witness, and all that I have been, am, and could be. No characteristic stone is left unturned. And though I may not have looked at every nook and cranny yet (in my opinion that is the beauty of the journey itself, that it takes time) I have learned so much about myself, my traumas and scars, my potential and capabilities, my likes and my interests, myself as a whole being. The more I write songs or work on a canvas or delve into the arts, I see myself more, and it’s quite exciting and liberating. No one telling me about myself, it’s only me seeing me up front and personal, getting to know my nature in a raw, actual kind of way.

Art loves us:

It is unique to each individual in their own context. From therapeutic capabilities, to finding their voice and power, to understanding oneself, to being able to express themselves and their known or unprocessed emotions in such a way that could never have been put into words before, art is here for us. Being able to create without criticism or judgement, are is there for us, and it has a wonderful way of teaching! So many timesI have been able to dump part of myself into paint or song, and all I get back is bright vibrancy, or a cocoon of understanding. Each time I delve into a creative passion, I have the chance to witness and feel a part of myself with compassion, love, and interest. Sometimes, yes, I critique my work. And when I do, I often get frustrated on how it could have been different or better. But with this, I then remind myself that “that’s how it is supposed to be, this piece of art” and those “mistakes” or parts that I don’t fancy, was actually intended to be apart of the art all along. Remember, we are human, as is our art, and together, we are perfectly imperfect.



Alexander Ruff

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