Could you say you are proud of all that you do?

With all the incredible makeup that encompasses the authentic you,

I can feel that radiating love of all you have to share, coming from the honest lips you speak from.

The memorable words you say, the tender touch you give; the joyful tears you cry,

These are your gifts you have, the ones you mistakenly & courageously persuade to be shy.

Would you say that you are there to care?

Not for the others, but the truest of yous’, the one that I can see with that precious smile over there.

I ask not that you dare to compare with any other mirror,

For there is only one that knows how to stare back at its own.

You are exactly where chose to be now; you are here, where your previous self has thrown.

Should you say yay or nay on the day of today, my soul mission is to cause a meaningful reaction,

By attempting to show oneself their inner care, the thing I call: “The Self Sense of Satisfaction”.

As you are the only one that can become better aware,

Of what it is that brings your own truthful peace of mind.

It is far better in the end, to continue to be your honest own; love the one that you find to be ever so kind.

Life enhancement through the arts. Everyday is its own journey.