A Spiritual Awakening opposed to Psychosis

I strongly believe that there are many people out there in the world unknowingly wrapped up in the conglomeration of the pharmaceutical game in which medical personnel mistakenly prescribe medicines to people who do not know the difference between psychosis/schizophrenia opposed to spiritual awakenings and the side effects that come with it/spirit guides. I can see doctors who do not know how to diagnose symptoms that are brought about by spiritual awakening and ascension gains, symptoms such as headaches, nausea, depression, loneliness, sensitivities of varying degree, losing interest in previous hobbies, and dissociation from people, all for starters sake. The person experiencing such an awakening that shows their own symptoms could be feeling such a way due to ungroundedness, lack of awareness of remedies and symptoms, and unaware of the overall process as a whole (all not in their fault of course), ending in the result of mistakenly trapping unsuspecting lightworkers/lightbeings/spiritual beings/whatever you want to call the woke ones… in a net. Or what if an individual has the gifts of being a supernatural medium and doesn’t know it. Then when a doctor asks “Are you hearing voices?” and the patient says “Yes” it is a solid sign they may be presented with medication. However, with this being said, I would like to state that this misunderstanding should not be a bash on doctors, not one bit. They are abiding by their own list of protocol and tools of knowledge, doctors, psychologists, therapists, and other medical personel and the sorts in their purest nature should not be seen as evil doers imposing entrapment as they are none the wiser in the universal view.

This happened to me. It was a time of chaos and confusion for me. In 2012 I became aware that there was more to the big picture, but couldn’t put my finger on what the heck was actually going on with me. It was such a sensation where I was opened into a new portal where I knew nothing of what was going on, yet feeling such an open and awaiting world in front of me. I had never experienced life as I had previously before that. A few months later, my untrained formation of thought patterns ultimately led me to the doctors office (not by choice) in ways to try and conclude what was wrong with me. I ultimately was led to a psychiatric facility at my nearby hospital in 5150 fashion where I was treated with a medical diagnosis of having psychosis and schizoaffective disorder. This branded my mind which had its own list of side effects on me for roughly 8 years and was the only thing for me to grab onto to make sense of all that was happening.. Only until mid 2020 (yes, a full 8 years later), I really understood what was happening to me: I was undergoing a spiritual awakening.

Signs came to me by the means that they commonly do during a spiritual awakening. I.e. through spiritual numbers, resonating phrases from people or in other forms, synchronicities, ringing in the ears, so on and so forth. In recent light and understanding of what I was really experiencing way back when, was my dark night of the soul. For those who do not know what dark night of the soul is, oh boy. It’s essentially you diving into your deepest valleys and into your darkest shadows to heal your traumas and be stuck in the past essentially until you heal what you have needed to. Taking a look at your shadow self, in short. This properly and reasonably explained all the depression I was feeling, loneliness I was experiencing, and dark cloud that hovered over me more often than not. I am a very positive guy thankfully so those dark days didn’t bring me down beyond the point of no return. Plus having the support system of a lifetime, such as my family, helped out a tremendous deal. Much of what I was going through had to be a private one, however, where I was not sharing much of what I was going through because it could not be understood by any outside observer.

However the case, with the slight anger and frustration after finding out this whole new life changing variable aside, my main journey revolved around me unlearning what I had previously known which was, has been, and still is me unlearning what I was informed versus what I know now. Writing this article really helped me out by the way. To go from whole heartedly believing something was wrong with me and feeling alone in a world of nearly 8 billion, to seeing that I was actually completely reasonably normal in terms of healthwise mentally was really a lot to go through. At the time however, I couldn’t buy a rope if I was drowning to save my life during all that commotion, as it was not an easy walk. Thankfully, I am on a better path now both mentally and emotionally, and hope this story can carry on to those in the medical field or wherever else it needs to to shine light on this weird gray area of mental sustainability versus a bird stuck in a plastic soda ring… I mean… an average, and unfortunately unknowing individual going through an awakening process in the best way that is known how at the moment. I’m still addressing these wounds.

Connecting the dots, I would say a big part of why I was so confused and frustrated and eventually castrated only to find my way home again was because of my lack of awareness. Any calling I was receiving, any communications with the spirit world such as God and else, and even psychic abilities that are now clear as day in hindsight was all swept under the rug due to lack of information. For a lack of better words, I felt deranged and frightened of these thoughts that were running through my head, not knowing what was going on. They were truly scary moments at times. Had I become more aware of the true reality and nature of what it was I was actually experiencing, my life would have been completely different. But that’s the beautiful part of the journey, at least for me. I wouldn’t be able to write this informational piece of literature, nor would you be able to help spread the message had I not undergone what I did. I have sincerely felt connected with this story from early on (even during the worst parts of it) as a defining moment in my lifetime, but that is neither here nor there. Tough, yes, exhausting and frustrating, hell yes, but each day I carried on through those dark years was another day I lived, and each day I was thankful to be where I was. Because had that experience not happened in 2012, I would not have been able to allow myself to step back and truly be grateful for each blessing I had and have in my life. What initially is something that I never would have wished upon my worst enemy, is now something that I see on a whole new level. I see it in a new light as something I had to go through, just like we all do and go through on our own spiritual awakening conquest wrapped up in our own unique and individually tailored stories.

Those who do encounter a road like mine hopefully can make it through, as they too will learn whatever it is they need to learn. We are where we need to be on the path, at every second of the day, with every step we take.

Professional Be-er, full time creator. Always in my intended opportunity.