Each day I wake up, I push forward the best way I know how.

Some times, what pushing forward means to me, is to enjoy a nice run.

Sometimes, what pushing forward means to me, is enjoying some videos or social media.

Sometimes, what pushing forward means to me, is to stop writing in my notes, as I tend to write 10–30 new notes a day. And to just let the idea or information sit with me.

Each day I wake up, I have the day that is meant for me.

What is meant for me one day will be different than what is meant for me another day.

It pays to listen to yourself. Your soul, your mind, your heart, your spirit. When you are still, you can truly hear what you need at any given moment. You just have to allow yourself to be open to it, and to be open to whatever is thrown into your awareness.

Each day I push forward, I have something new to share.

Whether I share it with myself, or with others, or with a future plan, I always have something going on within.

An experience occurs, an insight is gained, a conclusion may be reached, but there always seems to be more questions for me. Choices can be made, an inevitably will. And the process repeats, the cycle begins again.

Each moment I am apart of, I find new love.

All moments are one in their own, unique, to never be replicated. I have a love for what each individual moment brings, letting it reveal itself to me. Sometimes I might make a moment, sometimes I might witness a moment, but always I am a part of the moment.

Nothing now will be the same again. It’s the attention to detail that goes along way for those who want to be grateful for the infinite now. Separated by moments of ponder or reflection, a moment sustains itself until the curiosity or appreciation grows tired.

It is all of these moments throughout the day, that make me who I am, and allow me to live knowing I have life right now.

Life enhancement through the arts. Everyday is its own journey.