Art can be your best friend, if you allow it to be.

There is an endless art supply, for now and always:

My personal take on art is that it is limitless and knows no boundaries. There will never be an end to art. There is an infinite amount of…

People are incredible. And it just baffles me that people don’t see it. Within themselves, or within others.

We all have pure, natural talent that is dressed in a different number of variants. Sometimes they are more obvious to one individual than the other. Sometimes it has been known since…

Each day I wake up, I push forward the best way I know how.

Some times, what pushing forward means to me, is to enjoy a nice run.

Sometimes, what pushing forward means to me, is enjoying some videos or social media.

Sometimes, what pushing forward means to me, is…

Some say it’s still being written to this day…

See? You’re one of them! (Photo Credit: Pinterest).

In places it cannot hide,

In corners it cannot see,

No matter how close or how far,

The Ripple finds its way.

Home or in an ocean,

In a forest or on vacation.

No matter the body, no matter the environment,

Every time I try to write a story of the now, I get lost in the found.

Knowing that my words are that but a reflection of my own being.

I write with intent to provoke or to promote, yet I freeze.

“This is my story!” I proclaim with observance to the irony.

The more I write, the more I answer, the more I question.

Sometimes I feel at best when I feel at rest.

Other’s, letting go and giving my mind and heart to the endless spread of the internet seems to be a great start.

Thank you for sharing your eyes and experience with me.

& Grateful for your Beauty.

, Until tomorrow.

Air is to Life as Ideas are to Success.

A successful life to me is the fulfillment of bringing ideas to reality on all matters.

“I have an idea for lunch!” “Great, let’s go.”

“I have an idea to be happy!” “Great, let’s smile.”

“I have an idea for sustaining humanities existence!” “Great, let’s make it happen.”

It is then when I stop to ask myself,

“Well what if the ideas are destructive & chaotic and will bring poverty to all???”

That is when I glance around the room; for I do not know anybody by these intentions.

So my new idea is to have creators with positive purpose in life.

Now, I am successful.

Hour Glass Edited.
Don’t let time stop you.

If you are to see, you are able to be.

If you are able to be, you are able to understand me,

If you are able to understand me, you must be me.

If I am able to understand you, without a clue,

We must be under the impression that…

Alexander Ruff

Life enhancement through the arts. Everyday is its own journey.

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